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Purify forever

Europa Group believes that the water purity is vital for you and your family. Thus, it constantly invest I researched and in the development of new water filtering, purification and disinfection technologies. The Group renews itself to assure even more health and well-being though several products that provide solutions for the physical-chemical and bacteriologic aspects.

Pioneer in the Brazilian Market, Grupo Europa is a reference in water purifiers over more than 38 years and is present in the day-to-day and in the memory of millions of Brazilians. With a long exclusive network of distributors and dealers, in more than 400 sales points in all the regions of Brazil, the brand is recognized and certified with more than 42 awards that certify its quality and market recognition, including ISO 9001:2008, obtained by its Brasfilte – group company that manufactures Europa’s purifiers – and worldwide renowned.

Besides being a 100% Brazilian company, exclusively acting since 1984 in the development of technology and manufacturing of purifiers and equipment in water treatment, Grupo Europa also:

Pioneering Spirit

First company to voluntarily obtain the certification of products with INMETRO, currently we have the largest number of certified products in the segment.


Offers an extent exclusive Authorized Distribution Network, acting in almost all the Brazilian territory.


Because Brasfilter, the manufactures of EUROPA’s water purifiers, is a member of the Water Quality Association.


Founding partner and member of the ABRAFIPA Board of Directors - Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Filtros, Purificadores e Equipamentos Para Tratamento de Água.


Pioneer in using the UVLS system in Brazil, which makes one the most advanced quality and technology in purification of world available to the consumer.


Sole company in the country to produce litter counter with non-electrical operation, ratified by IPEM: the exclusive Contágua.

Let’s create together a world with more purity?

Purity is vital for your family and for ours as well. Over 38 years we dedicate ourselves to the tireless quest of water purity The purity we are looking for is within our way of seeing our business and how we can help improve the world.

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