Since 2016, Brasfilter does not use disposable glasses anymore. Each employee has their own reusable glass.


In all o four events, we use Sustainable Glasses that do not create residues.


Europa makes the sustainable discard of its products and the filtering elemento, after being uses, is burned and grounded.

We do our share

All the separation and discard is sustainable. We work together with specialized companys and have an intern system of reusing plastics and granular aluminium. Let’s create together a purer world?

Copo sustentável feito com fibra de coco

Coconut fiber

Copo sustentável feito com mandioca


Copo Menos um Lixo

Menos um Lixo

Copo Menos um Lixo

Menos um Lixo

We Realy Do!

In the events where Europa hydrates, there are only sustainabçe residues or no residue at all!




Plastic Bottles


Impacted People


Plastic Glasses

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